Product Information

Our Process

Once we start on a scraper we first give it a thorough inspection. Any pins, bushings, bearings, blades or tires that are worn are replaced. Any weak, broken, or heavily stressed parts on the main frame are rebuilt and reinforced.

Once this is done we can focus on the conversion. We remove all unneeded cable components and replace them with our hydraulic system. Our system is designed to operate the same as the cable system did, just with hydraulics. Our goal is to operate the scraper as smoothly and powerfully as possible while keeping the cylinders safe from debris and damage. We use all top quality hydraulic fittings and 3/4" and 1" hydraulic hoses depending on application or special request. This allows for fast oil flow to and from your tractor/crawler. All of our hydraulic components are top of the line. Our hydraulic cylinders are of our own design and feature black carbon shafts. They are designed to give you effective, trouble free service for years to come.

After the scraper has been converted, we then sandblast and paint it. After this stage, we again inspect the scraper to insure that no crack or flaw was missed. If any are found they are fixed, the area is cleaned and repainted.

Finally, we install the hoses and decal the scraper with safety and professional decals. The tires are painted as required and the scraper is finished. Now what was once a used, beaten scraper is a new Lever scraper ready to work and looking like new.

Lever Quality

Our lift cylinders and mounts can easily handle tipping over or a rollover without damage.
Our push off cylinders are made 3” longer than needed so we can have a spacer on the shaft between the head and the piston which makes it much stronger. We also use heavy shafts so you don’t have any problems with bent shafts in tough conditions.
We use only one cylinder to open the front gate. It is mounted inside of the main tube away from all the dust and debris of operation. We use the original slide blocks and a cable hooked to the front of the gate to open it. The reason we do this is for even opening and closing. Some conversions by other companies use cylinders on the side arms which are likely to cause trouble. The first problem is that the cylinders and hoses are exposed to dirt, dust and debris that may fall over the sides of the scrapers. The second is that when using cylinders on the gate arms to open and close, twisting and arm breakage can occur and also twisting of the apron itself can cause wearing inside the bucket.

We have over 30 years of experience in rebuilding scrapers and have rebuilt hundreds. We take great pride in our work! We use our scrapers for our farm work and have used them for digging ditches and dugouts and leveling by filling in low spots. We have also contracted our scrapers on job sites building yards and roads. You could say we know firsthand how well our scrapers work, and we are proud of it. All Lever scrapers are built heavy enough to work in most conditions and you can even put a pusher on the back in really tough conditions.

Because of our pride and trust in our work all of our scrapers come with a 1 year warranty. We know that our product will last and make you proud too.

Sales and Rentals

We are also involved in the sale of scraper parts, tires and blades. We make and manufacture new parts for hydraulic and cable scrapers that the manufacturers don’t make any more.

We have hydraulic cylinders and kits available to rebuild your old cable scraper to a hydraulic scraper. All our kits have the parts and components to convert your scraper and we include pictures and instructions to help you complete your project. Each kit takes about 100 hours to complete.

We have rental rates on our machines and also have leasing companies that can help you with financial needs. When you call looking for a scraper we try to match a scraper to your tractor or crawler so you have a working, well balanced unit. Unlike a new Ag scraper that loses value  as soon as it leaves the lot, our Lever scrapers hold their value. You will even make money on the resale of your scraper when you are done with it!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.