We do all our work on our farm including sales and service, although we have done jobs away from the farm before. We don't have dealers, but we do offer a bonus for finding us old cable scrapers and for selling our new Lever scrapers.

We ask that you call in advance and tell us your needs as we are not a big company. We do 25-40 scrapers a year and our inventory changes from day to day. If you want a scraper for a certain time of the year and don’t want to buy right away, come and pick out a scraper and put a down payment on it. We will have it ready for you when you need it, so you don’t have to rush around looking for a scraper when stocks are low.

Why buy a Lever scraper rather than someone else’s? That’s easy: design and quality. Click for more information about our products.


We deal with trucking companies all across Canada and the United States. By doing this we can offer a truck and trailer that will work at your site for loading and unloading the scraper. We prefer to haul two scrapers at a time if we can as it is more cost effective, but half loads can be arranged. We are also willing to take old scrapers on trade for our new Lever scrapers.