About Us

If you are looking for an earth mover that is economical and almost indestructible, look no further, your machine is here!

Lever Holdings Inc. is in the business of converting industrial cable scrapers over to hydraulics. The cable machines are no longer of use in modern day tractor and hydraulic power. This is why we took the best of the old and made them into the best hydraulic scraper on the market today. We can rebuild anywhere from 4 yard models up to 30 yard models with ease and precision. We have been rebuilding scrapers for over thirty years.

Farmers and construction companies today use our industrial scrapers behind tractors and crawlers to build and construct roads, ditches, dams, yard sites, lagoons, dugouts, or anything else that requires earth moving.

All of our machines are built to industrial standards and are sold across Canada and the United States.

Our main lines of scrapers are Caterpillar and Letourneau, but we also do Onions, International, Laplant, ByCris Earie, and Westing House.

In our line of work we come across a lot of agriculture trade-ins, so if you're in the market for a cheaper scraper we might have what you need. We're always looking for used cable and hydraulic scrapers to rebuild or sell, so if you no longer have any use for your machine give us a call.
  • We can arrange the pick-up and delivery of almost any unit at a competitive price.
  • All of our machines carry a full one year warranty.
  • When we rebuild our equipment we go through all of the bearings, bushings, blades, tires, and pins.
  • If you have a cable scraper and you wish to have it repaired or changed over to our hydraulic conversion, we would be glad to talk to you.
  • If you need parts for your machine, we can help you out in that area, too. We carry replacement tires, blades, bearings, pulleys, cable, pins, and wear plates for most machines or can manufacture new parts for you.
  • Come to the Farm Progress Show in June at the Regina Exhibition Park, or to our farm at Muenster, Saskatchewan for a demonstration and look at your choices of our machines on the lot.
  • We use only new parts and equipment when we rebuild so that quality is assured. Most of the scrapers have 3/4" hydraulic lines and ports with industrial fittings and ends. All machines are buffed or blasted and painted to look their best for many years to come.
  • We use cable to open and close the aprons on all of our conversions because the arms were not built heavily enough for the cylinders. This way the cylinders are not on the side of the scrapers in the dirt and dust. We try to keep all the conversions as close to the original specifications, with the exception of the digging depth, which we allow to dig deeper than the original.
If you have any questions about the size or model that would match your tractor or crawler, please feel free to give us a call anytime. We also rent machines out for the day, month, or year, when the equipment is available.

Muenster is about 120 km north of Regina and 90 km east of Saskatoon. Our farm is located 14 miles southeast of Muenster. Click for directions.